Murano Sommerso Glass Vase by Giuliano Tosi for Vecchia Murano, Italy 20th Century

Height:   26 cm = 10.24 "

Price: on request

This piece was created by using the Sommerso technique whereby glass is overlaid with a thick layer of colourless or other coloured glass.

Maestro Giuliano Tosi, born in 1942, comes from a family where the glass making tradition has been handed down from generation to generation since 1483. He was very young when he first started to work with glass but immediately revealed a unique talent for the craft. He soon learned the techniques and secrets of the very best masters working at the time.

In 1973, Tosi set up his own glassworks studio. He believes that small imperfections in glass objects characterise uniqueness and add value to each piece. SIGNED AND LABELLED!

Condition: very good vintage condition, no chips