About Firma London

Luxurious mid-century & contemporary interior design pieces and other desirables

Luxurious mid-century & contemporary interior design pieces and other desirables

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Kantstrasse,  the recently upgraded Firma London has relocated to Grolmanstrasse 15, after having been established a decade ago in the Charlottenburg neighbourhood just around the corner. Originally established as a one-stop shop for luxurious mid-century interior design pieces, Firma London has evolved by adding contemporary design that are complementary in aesthetics and quality.

The concept is simple: The way we shop, furnish our homes and dress ourselves is changing; living spaces simply don’t just provide shelter, but a means to express who we are or aspiring to be while making us feel comfortable, special and relaxed. People wish to edit their lives across genres; through furniture, clothing, accessories, books, art and music. (They like to pick and choose items they like across prices segments, but are increasingly concerned about their longetivity in terms of design and quality.)

Firma London’s take on retail is following the principle: Perfect selection and developing an exquisite taste for desirable objects. It is all about choosing carefully, skipping trends while never compromising on style. Firma London offers a refined selection of elegant mid-century furniture, lighting and accessories that celebrate craftmanship and timeless beauty. We focus on Italian design, but always add pieces of various other origins that blend in well with our invirgorating collection.

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